DKM knowledge markets

Operational Knowledge

In today's environments, where the amount of information being handled is ever increasing, solutions that aid in converting information into ‘operational knowledge’ and making sense out of the vast amounts of data, have become more and more essential. The DKM eco-system system is a state-of-the-art solution, which provides an easy-to-grasp, dynamic "web of concepts". This web of concepts, or as one may call it, the Model, is designed to provide a graphical representation of the concept pages and their relationships. The concept pages in the Model represent information and the relationships between the concept pages represent the context. Information pages can be viewed in different relationship contexts and they can convey different meanings and different viewpoints.

DKM allows you to build a unique dynamic contextual knowledge model. DKM knowledge Cycle

Lightweight solution

The DKM system offers a state-of-the-art approach and a lightweight solution, which provides insight and enhanced understanding of the big-data, combined with operational data aspects. The visualization of the Model with its multiple perspectives enhances comprehension of knowledge from within the data and it can lead to a novel, more intuitive way of viewing operations.

Friendly user interface

The DKM has a very friendly user interface, allowing easy and intuitive Model creation. That, in addition to the ability to easily transverse between pages, based on relationships, as well as easily searching & finding multiple paths between pages, lead to the rapid creation of Models that are dynamic and flexible.

Dashboards & Reporting

Provides knowledge and insights for decision making and reporting; based on real time business intelligence. Visualize your data and enable effective management trough a smart and easy to use web based system.

Dynamic page creation

As concept pages act as templates, they are basically a composition of properties and components. This enables dynamic page creation in a way that allows for the representation of many different types of data, including local user data of various types’ database queries from various sources, web source presentation and hardware sensor information. User data pages are related to each other, creating a dynamic web of knowledge that can be expanded and viewed in different relationship perspectives.

DKM Model buildup DKM Model buildup