DKM knowledge markets

Horizon 2020

H2020 contributes directly to tackling the major societal challenges identified in Europe 2020 and its flagship initiatives. We join this effort as an active SME player with proven delivery from previous FP7 projects.

In the course of FP7 projects, we developed and delivered the DKM, developed concepts of operations for safety and security and acted as project technical integrator.

We are active building creative solutions towards Horizon 2020 and are looking to join consortium and offer our knowledge, expertise and software skills.

DKM lecture; Close to technology, close to what we do

Contribution to projects

We bring to H2020 projects the DKM Eco-System. DKM is a unique knowledge management system, initially developed in FP7 project, to handle the ever increasing amount of data and aid turning data into ‘operational knowledge’.

A challenge that becomes more and more essential. Managing quantitative and qualitative data, constantly scaling up without evolving IT, allowing the user build and manage data structure using easy to use user interface. DKM originated from semantic-web and evolved to a novel solution, which allows to dynamically managing your knowledge objects and their relationships. With an advanced user friendly interface and the adaption of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture with its ‘7-Haves’, the DKM designed to meet the challenge of handling call centers data to operational knowledge.

We deploy the DKM as project’s Eco-System to harness all project data as it develops and emerges along the project. Further the DKM provides the e-Training / e-Learning framework, allowing seamless integration with 3rd party devices and systems.

Cross domains platform

DKM Eco-system provides a dynamic, web-based platform technology that enables assimilation of knowledge and personalized learning on demand. DKM is able to provide on a cross domains projects the following benefits:
  • It allows users (teachers/educators/experts) as co-developers.
  • Manage and allows creation of user-generated content.
  • Provides a very friendly and rich user interface, allowing easy and intuitive Model creation for structuring classes.
  • Models are platform and device independence.
  • Provide capabilities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Allows on-demand or work-flow based learning via search, informal learning.
  • Web-based for accessibility and integration with other applications and web-services.
  • Provide key centralized controls that includes: taxonomy and meta-data, work-flow, project management and reporting tools.
  • Social tools: it allows social content tagging, bookmarking, social networking, collaborative writing, social content ranking, discussion forums, “authoring/publishing tools”, mobile and ubiquitous computing and e-portfolio management.

Meeting H2020 vision

EKON is focused on Horizon 2020, national and cross-border research projects. We provide value as a software development SME partner with a proven product and experience.

We are active across the domains of ICT, Security, Energy, eInclusion, Governance, eHealth, Nano-science and Social science.

EKON meets Horizon 2020 Vision

EKON aims to link and conduct good business relationships with a wide group of research groups, enterprises, SMEs, NGOs and end-users to establish a strong business network on the European market.

EKON is a strong valuable SME partner for the many Horizon 2020 project consortia, bringing in innovation, quality and proven experience in pan European domain.

EKON contributes with a cross domain multi dimensional knowledge management Eco-system (DKM) and plans its exploitation and development to meet todays and tomorrows demands for knowledge management interoperability and scalability requirements towards the Big Data and IoT.

We seek to join projects that value research and development processes that include evaluation of interoperability, conversion of data to knowledge, user interface in a user driven environment, interfaces to social networks and scale out towards Big Data.

We challenge ourselves and seek for opportunities to evaluate DKM’s capabilities in other high intensive environments.