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DKM’s feature list

DKM advanced and yet simple to use set of features provides you an efficient way to benefit your collaborative knowledge operation.
  • User main Dashboard.
  • Community/Domain Dashboard.
  • User collaboration in real time with ad-hoc chat.
  • Integration with Chat system for support and users group discussions.
  • Community scheduler and aggregated community’s scheduler.
  • Notifications to community members and/or community workgroups.
  • Scheduled events with links to community pages and geolocations.
  • Map display with dynamic built information layer displaying community pages, member pages, events and to-do’s.
  • Send and manage posts.
  • Send and manage member voices including member voting.
  • Member’s debate space on each page, post and member voice.
  • Build and manage free pages as well as template based pages.
  • Build and manage dedicated member pages such as: company/personal profile, business opportunities, invitation for collaborations and more.
  • Build network connection navigation graph between pages.
  • Free text search and Tag filtering.
  • Document management and archive.
  • Option to allow personal member archive.
  • Community gallery filtered by Tags.
  • Basic to-do’s management with map visibility option.
  • Manage Tags for filtering and advanced search.
  • Manage web-references dictionary for each community.
  • Manage vocabulary dictionary for each community.
  • Manage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for each community.
  • Build public pages for non-registered visitors.
  • Build public home page for non-registered visitors, including open news, promotion video, public pages and promotion description.
  • Manage news items.
DKM solution...

Highly configurable

DKM is a highly configurable collaborative knowledge management system, specifically designed for the needs of research driven and project management organizations.

Ease of use for effective management

DKM, a web base system, systematically brings together in a concise manner, project related and research entity data, which presented in visualized mode, provides ease of use for effective management.

Manage your knowledge objects and their relationships

DKM allows you to dynamically manage your knowledge objects and their relationships. Its guiding principles stem from the semantic-web methodology.

Novel way of viewing information data

DKM is easy to use, leading to an intuitive and novel way of viewing information data. It is especially suitable for organizations, which:
  • Have multidisciplinary operations.
  • Require collation of knowledge of different sources.
  • Provide web access to project management personnel.
  • Need to communicate and provide visualization of the collated knowledge.
  • Require scalable, interoperable and maintainable capabilities as the organization evolves.
  • Need flexibility to meet evolving business demands.
  • Collaborate organization knowledge, like a social network of knowledge.

DKM Benefits

  • Business intelligence.
  • Impact analysis of knowledge objects.
  • Enhance project and research stakeholder’s collaboration and coordination.
  • Enrich project management and research knowledge transfer.
  • Generate a more efficient collaborative flow of project and research knowledge.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Provide aggregated qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Provide highly customizable knowledge management report.
  • Reduce costs.

DKM provide value

  • Dynamic knowledge model and graphical visualization.
  • Big-data enabled for large scale interoperability.
  • Web responsive intuitive and friendly UX (user experience).
  • Geo location integration.
  • Assign action items to knowledge pages displayed on the scheduler.
  • Open standards based architecture.
  • Real time and historical data analysis.
  • Scalable over the cloud.
  • Cloud services integration.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Multiple domains interoperability.
  • Claims / Role base user management.
  • Integration with multiple devices and services.