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Novel way of viewing and operating information data.

DKM is easy to use, leading to an intuitive and novel way of operating and viewing information data.

DKM Collaze and process

DKM is a highly secured SaaS (Software as a Service) collaborative platform for knowledge construction and operation efficiency.

DKM provides virtual spaces, aka, domains, such as working groups, projects, virtual classrooms, or ad hoc communities. Each domain comes with a wide set of tools, such as private social network, knowledge visualization charts, shared calendars, document management, tasks management, vocabularies and more. Beyond those set of tools, DKM provides a unique capability of page creation, which is a composition of local and remote resources, helping professional teams to manages, visualize and locate their data efficiently.

DKM my Communities

Highly configurable

DKM is a highly configurable collaborative knowledge management system, specifically designed for the needs of research driven and project management organizations.

Ease of use for effective management

DKM, a web base system, systematically brings together in a concise manner, project related and research entity data, which presented in visualized mode, provides ease of use for effective management.

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Manage your knowledge objects and their relationships

DKM allows you to dynamically manage your knowledge objects and their relationships. Its guiding principles stem from the semantic-web methodology.

Lightweight solution

The DKM system offers a state-of-the-art approach and a lightweight solution, which provides insight and enhanced understanding of the big-data, combined with operational data aspects. The visualization of the Model with its multiple perspectives enhances comprehension of knowledge from within the data and it can lead to a novel, more intuitive way of viewing operations.

Friendly user interface

The DKM has a very friendly user interface, allowing easy and intuitive Model creation. That, in addition to the ability to easily transverse between pages, based on relationships, as well as easily searching & finding multiple paths between pages, lead to the rapid creation of Models that are dynamic and flexible.

Dashboards & Reporting

Provides knowledge and insights for decision making and reporting; based on real-time business intelligence. Visualize your data and enable effective management through a smart and easy to use web-based system.

DKM About

DKM provides value

  • Dynamic knowledge model and graphical visualization.
  • Big-data enabled for large scale interoperability.
  • Web responsive intuitive and friendly UX (user experience).
  • Geo location integration.
  • Assign action items to knowledge pages displayed on the scheduler.
  • Open standards based architecture.
  • Real time and historical data analysis.
  • Scalable over the cloud.
  • Cloud services integration.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Multiple domains interoperability.
  • Claims / Role base user management.
  • Integration with multiple devices and services.
DKM geo-map

DKM Benefits

  • Easily build and manage your communities.
  • Enhance project and research stakeholder’s collaboration and coordination.
  • Enrich project management and research knowledge transfer.
  • Generate a more efficient collaborative flow of project and research knowledge.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Chat, discuss, debate and communicate.
  • Provide aggregated qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Provide highly customizable knowledge management report.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Impact analysis of knowledge objects with analytics integration.
  • Business intelligence.
DKM Exploitation


We provide software services that are second to none.
We take only projects that we are sure the deliverable to our customers is of satisfying. Because no matter what, we deliver high quality on time.

Enterprise software management

With an extensive development experience in the enterprise, both within the security segment and financial segment, we have gain rich knowledge base and experience with dealing with regulations that impact the software development life-cycle. We have experience in building up agile development teams within the enterprise, establishing efficient working standards that comply to regulation for security and SOX. By implementing DevOps (a clipped compound of development and operations), managing versions control, we construct working procedures and environment that meets the Separation of Duties between development and operations. In our eyes, adopting the right attitude towards regulations, can increase quality of software development.

Green Enterprise Environment Green enterprise environment.

Software developments

We provide software development services, which vary from turnkey projects, design and implementation to in-house consulting services. We are full stack .NET and open source professional developers and work best on agile methodology.

Our software services include:

  • Architecture solutions
  • .NET Web Development
  • Custom Client .NET Development
  • Server Side .NET Development and Back-End integration
  • Big-Data (NoSql)
  • Agile methodologies

Development team work Development team work.

Secured software development

We provide software security consulting services to help customers to implement the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) and assure the development complies with the GDPR.

Our services include the following supporting actions:

  • Planning and requirements
  • Architecture and design
  • Test planning
  • Coding
  • Testing and results
  • Release and maintenance

With the increasing concerns and business risks associated with insecure software have brought increased attention to the need to integrate security into the development process. Keeping security in mind, we help customers to maintain their well-oiled machine with the sole purpose to create, release, and maintain functional software. We work with our customers on the process of implementing a proper Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), which is vital now more than ever.

Field testing on mobile Field testing on mobile.

Horizon 2020

We provide value as a software development SME partner with a proven product and experience.




This project has recieved funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Grant agreement 822106

DKM - WeldGalaxy digital B2B platform

WeldGalaxy will create a secure, scalable, user-friendly and transparent digital B2B platform that connects end-users with equipment and consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and technology providers. Based on a Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM), the WeldGalaxy digital platform will be integrated to a dynamic evolving database with relevant data from equipment and consumables manufacturers that will dynamically evolve as the usage of the platform grows. The platform will include:

  • Transparency of product features, capabilities, resource use, associated add-on services and price;
  • Customer feedback, real-time use feedback (anonymised as needed) and associated options;
  • Scalability with respect to technological development and manufacturing application domains;
  • Information about standards and regulatory compliance (e.g. the facilitation of re- and de-manufacturing) as well as security requirements

Please visit us at: WeldGalaxy.EU

Contribution to projects

We bring to H2020 projects the DKM Eco-System. DKM is a unique collaborative knowledge management system, initially developed in the FP7 project, to handle the ever-increasing amount of data and aid turning data into ‘operational knowledge’.

A challenge that becomes more and more essential. Managing quantitative and qualitative data, constantly scaling up without evolving IT, allowing the user build and manage data structure using easy to use user interface. DKM originated from semantic-web and evolved to a novel solution, which allows to dynamically managing your knowledge objects and their relationships. With an advanced user-friendly interface and the adaption of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture with its ‘7-Haves’, the DKM designed to meet the challenge of handling call centers data to operational knowledge.

We deploy the DKM for a variety of project’s, harness all project data as it develops and emerges along the project, building virtual marketplaces, providing e-Training / e-Learning framework, allowing seamless integration with 3rd party devices, systems, and analytics.

Cross domains platform

DKM Eco-system provides a dynamic, web-based platform technology that enables assimilation of knowledge.

DKM is a cross-domain projects platform with the following benefits:

  • Manage and allows creation of user-generated content.
  • Provides a very friendly and rich user interface, allowing easy and intuitive Model creation for structuring classes.
  • Models are platform and device independence.
  • Provide capabilities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Integration with other applications and web-services.
  • Social tools: it allows social content tagging, bookmarking, social networking, collaborative writing, social content ranking, discussion forums, “authoring/publishing tools”, mobile and ubiquitous computing and e-portfolio management.

Horizon 2020

Meeting H2020 vision

EKON is focused on Horizon 2020, national and cross-border research projects. We provide value as a software development SME partner with a proven product and experience.

We are active in the domains of ICT, Security, Energy, eInclusion, Governance, eHealth, Nano-science and Social science.

EKON is a strong valuable SME partner for the many Horizon 2020 project consortia, bringing in innovation, quality and proven experience in the pan European domain.

EKON contributes with a cross-domain multidimensional knowledge management Eco-system (DKM) and plans its exploitation and development to meet today and tomorrows demands for knowledge management interoperability and scalability requirements towards the Big Data and IoT.

We seek to join projects that value research and development processes that include, among other, interoperability, conversion of data to knowledge, user-driven environment, interfaces to social networks and scale out towards Big Data.

We challenge ourselves and seek opportunities to evaluate DKM’s capabilities in other high intensive environments.

DKM Exploitation


We are a dynamic software product development and projects
firm working on leading edge collaborative knowledge management technology projects.

Who are we?

EKON Modeling Software Systems Ltd. (EKON) is a software development and consulting company, based in Israel. We develop intelligent software products, providing customers and business partners with software architectural services and with expertise in project execution. We are a dynamic and vibrant company, working at the cutting edge of software technology. With our wide-ranging software architectural experience we bring innovative an robust engineering approach to software development. These methodologies are assigned efficiently to create trustworthy software products and professional software consultancy services.

EKON office view

Our track record

We are proud of our track record, and we continue to challenge ourselves to meet our customer needs.

  • C4I developments for large scale security projects (international games, air-port security, and petrochemical site protection).
  • Development of large scale service center system for service representatives and agents.
  • Developed security risk assessment methodology and KPI for security and safety.
  • Active SME partner in European Commission projects (FP7 and H2020) on safety, security, knowledge management.
  • Gap analysis, concept of operation development (CONOPS).

Think Out Side Of The Box We look for the big picture, we are not limited to the box...

Software architectural experience

With our wide-ranging software architectural experience, EKON has adopted a robust engineering approach for software development projects. Our approach and development skills are well respected across multiple industries and considered second to none.

Our technical software expertise and skills include:

  • Software development in Microsoft .Net framework.
  • C# programming language.
  • NOSQL databases (MongoDB) & Big-data.
  • MVC Web applications framework.
  • NativeScripts for mobile applications.
  • Responsive web development for web & mobile.
  • Software integration

Development station at EKON Working at EKON - Standard development station.

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Espen Kon Espen Kon, CEO

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We are always driven to deliver results that are beyond expectations. We appreciate your time and your trust in us, and we will always continue to serve you with a positive attitude and willingness to get the job done and on-time delivery. We will always work hard to excel our capabilities and serve you better for years to come.

If there is anything that we can do to improve our service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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