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DKM – Your social collaborative Eco-system to bridge knowledge in your organization

The innovative Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) is an eco-system solution that dynamically captures, aggregates, and correlates your current and historical data in real-time; and transform it into ‘operational knowledge’

Dynamic Knowledge Management - DKM

A complete suite of social knowledge collaboration, communication and management Eco-system. A multi-lingual advanced dynamic content building, embedding and interfacing IoT devices (sensors & services), providing management tools with easy to use user experience (UX) and full responsive user interface for web and mobile. Secured designed to provide safe services with added value to our your teams, meeting the needs of a wide verity of businesses, including: Enterprises, SME's, project groups, NGO's and consumers.

DKM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) collaborative platform for knowledge construction and operation efficiency.

DKM provides virtual spaces, aka, domains, such as working groups, projects, virtual class rooms, or ad hoc communities. Each domain comes with a wide set of tools, such as private social network, knowledge visualization charts, shared calendars, document management, tasks management, vocabularies and more. Beyond those set of tools, DKM provides a unique capability of page creation, which is a composition of local and remote resources, helping professional teams to manages, visualize and locate their data efficiently.

DKM is a cloud service. Please   contact us for a self-hosted version that you can put on your server and integrate with other organizational software and services. In addition we provide hybrid version, which allows you to store your data on your own servers.

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DKM allows you to build a unique dynamic contextual knowledge model.

Horizon 2020

We are active on Horizon 2020, on various topics and research projects. We provide value as software technology SME partner with a state of the art and proven Eco-system, the DKM. DKM provides a platform for resource knowledge collaboration, enhancing project's operation management and exploitation.

We is proud to be active on various advisory boards, assisting projects to meet their goal on the aspects of software architecture and design, secured development life-cycle, implementing OWASP security guidelines, and assuring the right balance is maintained between security, quality and time to marked.

We are active across the domains of ICT, Security, Energy, eInclusion, Governance, eHealth, Nano-science and Social science.

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Content Management

Content management is, in our view, is a complementary characteristic of knowledge management. As a complementary step to our holistic approach, we provide the capacity to integrate open source content management tools with the DKM, enabling you to upload and share your content. Those could be, marketing material, catalogs, product and service descriptions, and more.

We in EKON are enthusiastic about various open source solution which we deploy as a complementary sections of our solution arsenal.

We acquired a wide experience in deploying Umbraco CMS solutions, integrated with the DKM providing our customers with a holistic solution that integrates Knowledge Management (DKM) with Content Management.

Integrating CMS
Team work, innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

We provide software solutions and turnkey software projects. Our ideas are creative, we choose what tools to implement wisely and we share those with our customers. We help customers to avoid the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome and prevent the reinvention of the wheel.

As trivial as it sounds, understanding your software tool, analyzing the problem in hand, and providing robust creative solutions is something we take pried in. It is reflected in the way our customer save money.

With our wide-ranging software architectural experience, we adapted a robust engineering approach for software development projects. Our approach and development skills are well respected across multiple industries and considered second to none.

We continuously seeking for new innovations that makes the difference. We invest in resource and development in markets which grew and lead to a better global economy and welfare.

Among those are:

  • Collaborative Knowledge Management in the enterprise.
  • New paradigms for e-Training and e-Learning.
  • The ‘Beating Heart’ of new global economy – Blockchain.
  • Enhanced approach to knowledge collaboration in security operations.
  • Harmonized Public-Private knowledge collaboration.